Namron Zigbee Termostat problems with temp. setting on version 2.21.2


Feel free to open an feature request :slight_smile:

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What I find curious is that the UI of the in-built DDF shows a config that matches what @Smanar wrote in his post.
However, when opening the preview, the code does not reflect that. Meaning: the code still says

          "name": "config/heatsetpoint",
          "default": 0

I managed to modify this via SSH and while the code lines reflect that change within the SSH terminal, they do not in the deConz DDF editor GUI (Preview tab).

I now duplicated the file to a custom folder under /data and it seems to work. But to be honest, I am not entirely happy with that workaround, considering there is an on-board DDF that is supposed to work for this device.

There is a recent PR that solve the problem for all devices Fix resource item `config/heatsetpoint` not having a default write function by SwoopX Β· Pull Request #6908 Β· dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Β· GitHub

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