Müller-Licht Tint Losing Scenes or Scene Parameters after Power Disconnection

Today I got 2 Müller-Licht Tint bulbs (1 single bulb, 1 starter set) and I was very happy that I could integrate them into my system.
However, I had to notice, that when the light bulbs are turned off via the regular light switch, which disconnects them from power for >1min, and I then turn them on again, the scenes of that group are still there in the Phoscon web app but they don’t work anymore.
That means when I activate any of the scenes nothing changes at all.
What I have to do, is go into the settings of each scene, change the parameters and save them again which of course is annoying.

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 1 with the Raspbee II module and the latest stable SD card image.

Has anyone encountered this with any lights group? Is there anything that can be done against it? As a “workaround” I’m thinking of creating a some script, so I can at least do this via a single command instead of going through all the scenes.


yes I just had the exact same thing with Müller-Tint E27 Bulbs.

It seems to happen only on the latest version of them. As I have 4 bulbs in 1 scene, 3 of them latest version and 1 old one. The old one still works.

I also had to go into each scene and change some settings and store the scene and now it is working again.

Did you figure out how to solve the problem?

Kind regards


Not yet, I will research further and tell you if I find something.

Currently I’m “hacking” together a small nodejs script, so I can reset the scenes calling a single URL from my phone. If you’re interested I can send it to you with instructions as soon as I’m done. :slight_smile:

Yes please. That would be helpful. It is good to understand that this is a problem with bulb.

I will try to contact Müller-Tint to see if they have an firmware OTA to fix the problem.

So, I created the script and also made a couple of API calls to see what is actually going on.

The following happens:
You set your lights correctly via the Phoscon web app, e.g. using color values (xy) on both lamps.
However, if you then get the scene attributes, only one lamp is returned correctly. The other lamp is returned with some (wrong!?) color temperature (ct) value.

When I request my lights from the gateway
I get one lamp with colormode “ct” and colorcapabilities 16
and the other one with colormode “hs” and colorcapabilities 29.
While both are actually lighting with a color. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

So unfortunately, that script currently is of no use because you can’t get the values back which you had stored before.

Now I reconnected the lights and they both show colorcapabilities 29 but they still “lose” their scenes sometime. The scene attributes now are both xy as they should be but still with different colors.

Just wondering…did you ever do this test with 2 other bulbs?

No, unfortunately I only have these 2 of that model. Their software version is identical.

I replaced these Müller tint E27 today completely.

I think they are completely faulty. Out of my 4 bulbs, one stopped working after 3 weeks and last Tuesday when I received the replacement another one always went offline after a few minutes. So I gave up!

I have previous versions of them and they work without any problems. Also I have a lot of Müller tint GU10 which work perfect.