Moving lights between groups

I recently rearranged some lighting controllers, resulting in some lights being in different groups and needing to edit the groups to swap them back.

After doing this I noticed a groups scenes were not affecting the new arrangement. I deleted the scenes I had and created them again from the current light state.

The lights now in the group are now responding to the scenes as expected. However a light that was previously in the group is still responding to the scene recall, even though it’s in a different group now. Presumably, the scene has been stored on the controller and not removed, and the scene id being recalled is the same.

I tried created a scene in the new group and deleting it in case this helps, but it didn’t. I’m not sure on how to resolve this, aside from completely resetting the offending controller and re-adding it to deconz.

Using deconz 2.25.0 on a Pi 4 installed directly, with a ConBee II stick. Controllers are Heimdall Pro running in Multi CCT mode.

Seems like it shouldn’t be possible to get into this state, but not sure if it’s a problem with deconz or with the controller. Any help appreciated.

I’ve investigated, and it looks to be a problem with the Heimdall Pro. Scenes are not being cleared out when a group is removed. An immediate workaround, is as you suggest, reset the controller to cleanup the scenes table.

This will be fixed for the next Zigbee certification, in the meantime, if anyone else is encountering this issue please don’t hesitate to contact us at for updates on the status of this issue.

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Many thanks @Sowilo, the firmware update and adding/removing the light from the group worked as expected, all sorted. Great support, as ever. :slight_smile: