Moving Conbee II from Rasberry PI 3B with HA to Raspberry PI 5 wih HA not working

Hello. I try to find answer without success. I have got an new Rasberry PI 5 with SSD disk and running HA. I moved my Conbee II USB stick from my old Raspberry PI3 B (with HA on SD-Card).

I have no problem to get Phoscon on PI 5 up and running. After an restore from backup all my Zigbee devices are visible in the Phoscon app. But I can’t control them. Nothing happens when try to toggle devices on or off. Also does not work in HA.

Gateway version 2.25.3
Firmware: 26720700

Edit: Today I installed Raspian OS to my PI5 and put my Conbee II stick in the USB port and checked with lsusb and dmesg that the stick was found. Installed deConz from instructions as described from ConBee II Installation

From that I can see in deConz app the stick looks it are found. I restored my backuo in Phoscon app and restart. My devices are showing up. Some of them seems to be disabled and can’t be controlled. Some of them looks online and can be controlled, but nothing happen when flip them on/off or dim. So exact same behavior as in HA.

I are really stuck here and need all help I can get.

It mean you have used the backup/restore feature in phoscon ?

Are you using the USB extension ? You was previously with SD and now SSD.
Do you have access to the GUI ? if yes can compare with this page Network lost and configuration restore does not help · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

Correct. Backup från Phoscon from my PI 3 running HA from SD -Card. Restore in Phoscon on my PI 5 running HA from SSD disk.

Yes I’m using USB extension on my PI 5 (but never have on my PI 3). Test both with and without extension without any success.

I can access the Phoscon webapp both locally and from other devices on my locally network. Also can access deCONZ locally via VNC on my network.

I will check the thread you linked to. Thanks for your answer. I really appreciate it.

The article are about if the network not shows up. After Restore, I can see all my Zigbee devices both in deCONZ and in Phoscon. But can’t use them. Some seems to be disabled, other seems to be enabled/online. But non of them can be used.

This article help me actually. After made this step an second time, I can now control all my devices in Phoscon app on my Rasperry PI 5.

I have also found why I could’t control any devices in HA, because I have tried to configure Zigbee Home Automation in integration that automatic shows up. That’s not an good idea. It’s seem also be an good idea that configure the Bluetooth integration before configure anything else.

So for now all my devices are working in Phoson app. In HA 75% of my devices are working, rest are the entity not available. But it should be easy to fix on by on I guess. So thanks for all help.

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