Motions sensors turning on randomly


I have several Tradfri motion sensors. All of them are triggering their lights/groups randomly. I am sure no person/animal triggers the light since I have checked it with two of them, which have been in a box in drawer. So since it’s not Schrödingers cat…
They are not doing it all at the same time.
It’s not new. They have been doing it since quite a while. I just didn’t care, till now since I have added the lighting of our “bikeport” to a motion sensor, which has been connected already in a different use case.
I will add a new motion sensor today and will check this one, if it might just bee the old ones.

Anyone a tipp on how to correct the behavior?(without setting everything up again)


What firmware version do you have in your IKEA motion sensors?
Which version of deConz are yourunning?
How are they connected? Conbee II or Conbee III

They are connected via Conbee II
Gateway 2.26.3.
Firmware 26780700

Tradfri 2.0.022

I’ve got same problem with Tradfri.

I stumbled over this interestin post somewhere else:

So I would suggest first changing the battery.
I am not sure if there is a newer firmware that could also reduce those problems.