Motions sensor only at certain times

Hi all!

A long time I only had sensors paired with my Conbee II, because Alexa wasn’t able to find lamps (or any other devices). Finally it was, because I had the headless and the gui instances of deconz running at the same time, but that’s a different topic.

At the moment I am only using the phoscon app to group an control my lights and sensors.

With IoBroker I was able to have motion sensors running only at certain times.
I kinda can do this with phoscon too, but only all the time or between evening and morning.
Now I don’t like to go stumpling to the loo at night and having the light hit my eyes at 100%.
Because in the evening and in the morning the rest of the family likes it bright in the bathroom. I don’t know why! :sweat_smile: :joy:

So is it possible to have phoscon dim the light at night at only 1%?
I know this might be a special case, but maybe other people have this problem too?!?

I’d love to see the same thing happen at some point. Currently, I am using the Home App with a shortcut / automation, but the feedback is way slower than doing it via Phoscon.

And yes - I have the same problem too :slight_smile: