MOES TZ3000_pfc7i3kt version issue

I received a new MOES 3 way switch. Type ms-104 cz
Switch 1 working as expected in Domoticz, each output can be controlled individually.
Switch 2 is working, switch 1 output both 2 will go on as well and can not be switched individual.

Correct working switch data:
Vendor: 0x1141
Image: 0xd3a3
Version 0x00000044

Incorrect working switch data:
Vendor: 0x1141
Image: 0xd3a3
Version 0x00000046

In the Phoscon app individual lights are also switching together.
I have a feeling the command to switch on a light/output went from individual to a group switch on.

Please advice how to re-program or downgrade firmware.
Or how to correct preventing all output switch on when 1 is enabled.

Edit: Using following hardware
Raspberry Pi 3b with Domoticz 2022.2
Conbee II Zigbee stick
Version: 2.18.02 / 19-9-2022
Firmware: 26720700

Bad luck, there is probably a version that need the unlock sequence.
The old one work normaly but not the lastest with the highter firmware.

Tuya don’t provide firmware.

If I m right the only way to make this device working is using the tuya unlock sequence, but need to re compile the code to do that.

Thanks Smanar for your details, i have indeed the feeling the new version need to be unlocked. 0x00000044 working, new version 0x00000046

Another candidate for this feature request :innocent: