Moes Smart Dimmer Module (TS0601) becomes "Fairy Lights"

I have fairly new with Zigbee, but so far adding new devices I experienced no major problems,
However my newest model a Moes Smart Dimmer Module with details:

  • Model: MS-105Z
  • ModelId: TS0601
  • Vendor: _TZE200_la2c2uo9
    Is recognized as “Fairly Lights”

I checked if there was already similar subjects but the modelid (TS0601) seems to be used for multiple devices, did find #5869. Not sure if this will solve the problem in the next firmware. At the moment the result in the “Phoscon APP” is as described “Fairy Lights”:

Without any light controls in this APP. However in Openhabian I am able to switch on/off the device (and an additional channel for on/off. (behaviour after power shutdown is light remains off).

So not sure what is wrong or how I can help to get this device properly recognised.
Or even if it is possible for my to overwrite data myself (awaiting this update).

I am Running Zigbee with Conbee II on a headless Raspberry Pi 4 2Gb in the Gateway with Version: 2.14.01 / 06/02/2022 and Firmware: 26720700. Further controls are done with openhabian.

Sorry problem solved; updated to the latest software

However I did notice still some strange behavior.

  • Still recogniosed as “fairy light”
  • Deleted the light and paired again:
    • did pair but pairing screen was not refreshed, so it seemed that pairing was unsuccesful
    • lost the dimmer slider again in the Phoscon App
    • was able to restore this with commands:
      • sudo systemctl stop deconz
      • sudo systemctl daemon-reload
      • sudo systemctl start deconz
  • In Openhabian the light is now with dimmer (and switch is dropped)

In other words still a bit puzzled about this strange behaviour but so far so good.

“fairy light” is just a description from phoscon, not from the API, so this description is not visible on OpenHab