Moes AM43 button direction problem

I successfully installed a moes AM43, and I can see it like a cover on home assistant, but the directions are inverted. The up arrow is closing the curtain, while the down arrow is opening it.
If I invert the directions on the unit itself, it’s ok on home assistant but inverted in the unit !
any solution ??

Hello, some tuya have a reverse request Zemismart Chain Roller Shades Driver M515EGB (TS0601) · Issue #3348 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub
Nothing on documentation ?

Hi, yes, but the problem of the reverse, is that it reverse also on the unit, you then have to choose, reverse the main unit, or reverse in home assistant…
I also applied the param reverse:true or reverse:false via deconz api, it has the same effect that the reverse function on the unit itself, so that both deconz and Home assistant are never with the same arrows directions :frowning:

If it’s the return state that is reversed, we can do something editing the DDF.
But if it’s when you send the open request that the covering close it, it 's more problematic.

Yes, it’s everything. if I reverse the direction (both on the api or the unit), if the directions are ok in the unit, the directions are inverted on Home assistant, as well as the states. And if i put directions and state ok in home assistant, the up arrow on the unit brings the store down (closing)

If, at least, I can fix the return state, i’d be glad, what’s the fix ?

For return, it’s easy just need to use a DDF for the device, and make a reverse inside state/lift and state/open.

What is the manufacture name of your device ? _TZE200_xuzcvlku ?

Ok so I have checked for _TZE200_xuzcvlku , it seem this device use only the tuya cluster. So not possible sorry. The DDF core is not able to manage tuya covering yet.

yes, it’s the MOES zigbee one.
That’s not a good news :frowning: