Minimum LQI display setting in phoscon has no effect


in order to see better my network, I wanted to filter low quality links, but it seems that changing the value under the “source routing” tab doesn’t have any effect. Still it shows low connections everywhere, even if I switch to LQI=200.
Using 2.19.03 / 21.4.2022
Firmware: 26780700
Using Conbee 2 on Synology NAS on docker.
Any idea?

You mean in deCONZ?

For me , it seems to work, but it takes a while to “refresh” the map.

Yes in deCONZ. I just updated to latest version and still it shows ALL connections, no matter what number I put into the field. Also: After restarting, I still see some old source routes, although source routing is disabled. Are there some cache files that need to be deleted?

See this example

You seem to have the minimum lqi on 0

you’re right. I switched so many times back and forth. Turned it now back to 150 and some lines disappeared. But most of them remain and nothing seems to happen anymore.

See here…

What i did :
Put minimal lqi on 0
Disable lqi and neighbourlinks
Wait until canvas is empty
Put minimal lqi on 150
Enable neighbourlinks and lqi again

If the above works for you, theres at least a work around and we should file a bug report with the findings above.

Not working for me.
Put minimal lqi on 0 and disable lqi and neighbours = canvas empty, but source routes remain
Put minimal lqi back to 150 and re-enable links, all of them come back.


@de_employees any comments ?

No idea? The connections are still there, even after 16h now, no change.
Wondering if there is the possibility to delete all this old stuff incl. old source routes…

Another interesting observation: One bulb dropped out over night. Connections to that bulb disappeared. After selecting the node and hitting “0”, the bulb came back and is controllable now.
But in deConz there is still no link drawn.
What is going on? Strange!

Update: Link is drawn after some hours. Still - original issue remains. All weak connections are shown.

Same issue here. And @Mimiix’s solution is without effect too. Weak links are still visible.

Is there anybody looking into this? Is there a new version planned?

Haven’t seen a reply from Dresden. So probably not.

Shall I open a bug and if yes, where?

No clue, as the github we have is about the rest api plugin which is not the deconz gui.

We should await Dresden response.

They reply here, I assume?! Happy to provide any data that they would need.