MHCOZY 1 Channel 5V 12V ZigBee Smart Relay Switch


Does anyone has this 12V Zigbee 3.0 relay and confirm it pairs and works fine?

I have a 12v zigbee relay but is Zigbee 1.0 and is quite unreliable.

Many thanks!

On the amazon page, you can find some user that use it with conbee, but I can’t say if it’s with deconz.

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I’ve bought one so will see soon

it has the same version like the 12V relay that I have, is not Zigbee 3.0 is 1.x is that correct?

Heeeee, A ZCL version = 1 is the older one…
But can be just a bad value in the firmware, what problem have you with it ? If it realy have a zigbee certification 3.0 it need to be tested.

I bought a bunch of these to control actuators on a heating manifold, currently have:
2x 4-channel - shows as _TZ3000_u3oupgdy TS0004
3x 2-channel - shows as eWeLink ZB-SW02

First impressions of them were great. Paired easily, separate channels show up as separate light, respond to group commands, individual commands, etc. The NC/NO terminals were really helpful. And the input voltage they accept is really flexible, so was able to use the 24VAC for thermostats from the wiring centre.

However, after using them 24/7 I’ve noticed they seem to drop off the ZigBee network from time to time. So far, only the 2-channel boards have dropped. One of them twice (weeks apart) and another just once. Physically, they still appear on when in this state and remain in the state they were last in.

I’m assuming something like this will be down to an issue with the board, and not the compatibility with deCONZ. But please correct me if that’s not the case.

I’ll keep them running to get more data on it. I’m hoping the 4-channel ones are fine, so I can just swap to all 4-channel boards. They do appear to have a different chip on them.

They are physically different to the Tuya ones, though the manufacturer and modelid match what’s discussed on another thread on a Tuya relay.

I have the one with One channel and it is controlling some garden lights (12v) and is in the back of the garden and it is very rarely going off the zigbee network.
I would say check the usual interference issues with wifi. I am running my zigbee network on channel 24 and I worked with my neighbors and moved them on wifi channels 1-7 so far away from the zigbee channel 24…

Thanks @andys73 I admit I’ve not really looked at channel assignments so far. No issues with any other devices dropping at all and there are quite a few. Though we do have plenty of WIFI access points nearby. Will take a look.

Little update on this. I tweaked our Wifi config to ensure there’s no interference with the ZigBee channel used. Unfortunately one of the 2-channel relay boards has dropped off the network twice in about 4 days. The same board that has been most problematic so far.

When it drops off, it doesn’t reconnect unless I power cycle it. The device itself still has LEDs on indicating the original state of the relays.

I’ve got a spare 2-channel relay board, so will try swapping it out for an equivalent first.

Update. Over the last three months, the 2-channel relay boards have all dropped from the zigbee network in this way multiple times. The 4-channel relay boards have been fine throughout.

No idea why this difference, but I’m going to swap out the 2-channel boards for 4-channels. I’ll report back on reliability after this has been done and long term testing completed.

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Replacement done. Will report back on the long term test.

The 4-channel units do appear to have a different zigbee module to the 2-channel. Other incidental benefits I found:

  • the terminal blocks are bigger and easier to work with
  • They have holes in the pcb, about 2.5mm diameter, but enough to get some pvc standoffs through (which were designed for 3mm diameter hole, but fit fine)
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So far so good. Don’t want to jinx it, but no issues since using only 4-channel relays.

I m seing 2 antenna (1 on the module and 1 black rolled up) on the device, it works on 2 network ?

@Smanar Not that I’ve noticed. :thinking:

Ha ?
Because I m seing an internal antenna, on the white chipset on the left, and the external black on the right. Perhaps the internal is disabled ?

:person_shrugging: :sweat_smile: I’m glad whichever antenna it’s actually using is working well!