Merten Zigbee shutter wall switch

Hi, my Conbee II is working fine via Raspberry Pi4. Now I already have some lights connected that work great, but just today I installed for my rolling shutter a Merten MEG5116-0300 Zigbee Module with a MEG5165-0000 shutter controller. According to the deCONZ this should be supported. In the deCONZ GUI I can also see that the shutter is identified as a Window Covering device and paired. I can even access the up and down functionalities via the GUI and execute them - it works. But the device isn’t shown in Phoscon App and also not exposed to Homebridge.

What am I missing? Isn’t the device identified correctly? Can I do something manual?
Thanks and Regards, Maik.

Does it show In the rest api?

It’s this one here, right? MEG5113-0300 cover controller - deCONZ REST-API

The DDF status is silver, so you’d either need to activate it via deconz GUI (Panels → Control and then select silver) or copy it as described here to gain persistence (change the status to Gold).

Yes, that’s the one. In combination with the other inserts in can be used at least as a Zigbee controller for light switches or in my case for controlling a window shutter insert. It plugs on top of the different inserts. Now, the thing is, for me it’s shown now in Phoscon as a light with dimming control, not as a shutter switch with “Up”, “Down” and so on.

Phoscon unfortunately doesn’t leverage all device features made available via REST API. I got a different shutter control and there it’s the same. However, now that the device is there, it should be fully controllable vi API.

Yes, I can see it. But as said, it’s a light now and I can’t do anything with it to control my shades.

I also ask myself, why it’s not added as a switch, instead of a light?

It isn’t a switch as you think it is. It is a switch, but also an controller (actuator). It controls the smart blinds as well. Let me explain you a bit :slight_smile:

A Switch is generally something that controls other devices. Think of your remote of your TV. It only sends commands, nothing else.

A Light/actuator is something that can be switched on or off. In this case, the device is actually making the controller move. On top of that , the controls on it are controlling it.

To make it a bit more easy: your device has buttons (the switching part) and the actuator (the electric part that makes the things move). deCONZ is only using the actuator. If you open or close it with deCONZ you dont see the buttons being pressed like a ghost would do.

Got it now. I have it in Homebridge and HomeKit - it’s also displayed as window cover.
I will probably just need to fine-tune it, as still it behaves not exactly like I thought, closing is only 90%, and it seems there is constantly wrong data coming in about closing percentage, as in HomeKit the slider constantly moves, even showing impossible states.

For all those that want to use Merten / Schneider Electric Wiser Zigbee devices together with deCONZ , I can tell that it really works.
The one thing I had to do manually for covers to work perfectly, and that took me some time to figure out, was that I need to calibrate the cover run time for each window cover. It is set in the devices by default to 120 seconds. This value can be shown by deCONZ visual tool and be changed to the appropriate value. Therefore operate the cover for each window by hand and measure the time it takes to lift or lower the cover. This value then should be set and written to each cover device.
If not done correctly, in my case, control softwares like Home Assistant or Homekit can get confused with correct position, because the switch inside the Wiser device will operate exactly as long as its setting says, e.g. by default 120 seconds. The other challenge I had at least was, that Home Assistant interprets the total open and total closed position completely in the other way around, whereas Wiser devices mean 100% is open 0% is closed, Home Assistant did the other way around. So I had to write a template to invert this.
So, Wiser from Merten and Schneider Electric works fine, but it needs to be finetuned.

Yes, the Merten / Schneider Electric Zigbee shutter switch (MEG5116-0300/MEG5165-0000) works almost perfect for me. The one problem I have is that the resulting value for setting “lift” is still the opposite. (i.e. 100 = open, 0 = close)
The return values can be reverted via DDF but not for the set commands. How can I change this within deCONZ? Is there somewhere a special parameter to set or can this only be done with coding?

I have found a way to solve my problem for the Schneider Electric Shutter Switch. If you reverse the motor direction in the DeCONZ gui, the behavior on the wall switch also changes. This is a bit messy. However, you can also reverse the behavior of the wall switch. This is defined in the Schneider specific cluster.

Because I didn’t manage to add an additional XML to the ZCLDB, I had to change the general.xml accordingly to be able to make the settings in the GUI.

<cluster id="0xff17" name="Schneider specific" mfcode="0x105e">
  <description>Schneider manufacturer-specifc cluster.</description>
    <attribute id="0x0000" name="Leds" type="enum8" mfcode="0x105e" access="rw" required="m">
      <value name="Orientation led off / Movement led on" value="0"></value>
      <value name="Orientation led on / Movement led on" value="1"></value>
      <value name="Orientation led on / Movement led off" value="2"></value>
      <value name="Orientation led off / Movement led off" value="3"></value>
    <attribute id="0x0001" name="Mode" type="enum8" mfcode="0x105e" access="rw" required="m">
      <value name="Light" value="0x00"></value>
      <value name="Light opposite" value="0xfe"></value>
      <value name="Dimmer" value="0x01"></value>
      <value name="Dimmer opposite" value="0xfd"></value>
      <value name="Shutter Standard" value="0x02"></value>
      <value name="Shutter Standard opposite" value="0xfc"></value>
      <value name="Shutter Schneider" value="0x03"></value>
      <value name="Shutter Schneider opposite" value="0xfb"></value>
      <value name="Scene" value="0x04"></value>
      <value name="Toggle light" value="0x05"></value>
      <value name="Toggle dimmer" value="0x06"></value>
      <value name="Alternate light" value="0x07"></value>
      <value name="Alternate dimmer" value="0x08"></value>
    <attribute id="0x0010" name="UpSceneID" type="u8" mfcode="0x105e" access="rw" required="m"></attribute>
    <attribute id="0x0011" name="UpGroupID" type="u16" mfcode="0x105e" access="rw" required="m"></attribute>
    <attribute id="0x0020" name="DownSceneID" type="u8" mfcode="0x105e" access="rw" required="m"></attribute>
    <attribute id="0x0021" name="DownGroupID" type="u16" mfcode="0x105e" access="rw" required="m"></attribute>
    <attribute id="0xfffd" name="Cluster Revision" type="u16" mfcode="0x105e" access="r" required="m"></attribute>