Memory leaks with Domoticz

Update from my end. Apparently running 8 days on stock plugin


Roughly 1 day after starting deconz, memory usage dropped from the previous 11,8% down to somewhere 8%. Right now it’s up to 11,3% again (22:51) while it was at 11% at noon today! Continue to let it run, as most of my devices communicate on zigbee level…

Regarding memory analysis, I see a Heap increase of 100% (Jul 1st 14060 kB vs Jul 9th 31976 kB), which is the most obvious. On Jul 4th, Heap size was already 20760 kB. Haven’t put any efforts in analyzing the Heap yet, the journey continues…


Further +6 days

So like him 1 % by day.
But BTW 77% CPU ? It s not permanent ?

Yes, roughly 1%/day. CPU usage eventually drops to lower values, but if you see the average load (top right), the value over 15 mins is 0.69, which is way too high. System already got chewy and I definitively know, I’m not the only one experiencing all that.