Meaning of API key in "Help" sub-page


I just now realised that the Phoscon GUI has a REST-API debugging sub-page under “Help”:
Please note that this is the IP of my gateway.

Why does the API key shown there always change after a new login and is different than the one I found after following this guide there?

Even after logging off and on again and seeing different API keys on that Help/API information sub-page, I can still use the one and same API key that I found out before. So is that stable? But then why does it change all the time on that Help sub-site? :thinking:

Which API key is the “correct” one to use when working with REST-API clients? I understand that the Help sub-site is only for getting a quick glance on the network etc. but not to use that API key for other means, right?

By the way, the changing API keys shown on the Help sub-site can also be used in a browser REST-API extension/client.

This is how it looks like:



The blurred API key changes every time I log out and log back in to the Phoscon GUI, and it is always different than the stable API key I got following the REST-API “Getting started” guide.

Yeah it’s a problem, it’s for that I m using a tool to clean the API with thoses useless key.
Log to phoscon and put the next page in bookmark, like that you will have the same API Key and deconz will not ask for you login again.
Every log procedure generate a new API key.

You can use the key you want, they are not “client specific” or “network specific”

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