Matsee Plus Smart meter with CT

I receive a Ampermeter from Matsee plus.
to monitor my consumption and usage on energy.
the device is recognize to phoscon but like a light switch.
I have no way to collect the measured data.
is there any way to change the type of the device or apply a kind of template ?
the final goal is to link to Homeassistant.

I have a Raspberry PI 4 with Raspbee II

this is the info discovered as :

I just change the name, before it was Smart switch :

there is the details :
Measuring Rande : 0.2-80A
Size : 50 x 45 x 23 mm
clamp diameter : 10mm
manufactor : Matsee Plus


Did you read [Read Me] Device request read me

Thx Mimiix because we really need further information about this device, because I anticipated some difficulties with tit. It seems. It may be need some exchange with coordinator to achieve pairing correctly as I can read on other forums (other than Tuya Magic Sequence)…

I’ve the same model.
Opening an issue

Issue was opened here:

Missing screenshots however. Please proceed there.