Lumi QBKG39LM is added in Deconz, but not in Phoscon

I have a Lumi QBKG39LM that cannot be added to Phoscon. When pairing is activated in Phoscon, it appears in Deconz (with a hex name) but not in Phoscon. Additionally, it doesn’t pull any DDF. The correct one would be the xiaomi_ws-euk02_h1_switch.json, right?

What am I doing wrong? In an earlier installation, it worked without any problems.

I have already deleted and reset it multiple times.


that more sounds like the device is not (yet) supported by deconz. Have you checked the issues on Github?
It would make sense the referenced DDF is not picked up by the device, since it is for a H1 WS-EUK02 switch only.