LTW001 Light shows „on“ after vew seconds in deconz API but the real state is „off“

Only one Lamp shows the unreal state „on“ (API Version 2.25.0)
When i switch off the state by deconz API, after vew seconds the state switch back in the API to „on“, but in reality the lamp is off.

Today the second light with the same bug.

Both lamps with the incorrect status are LTW001 models.
It looks like the LTA011 models work perfectly.

To check this, I have now registered my reserve LTW001. The problem is always the same

//Edit colorcapabilities=16?

Got the exact same problem with my LTW001 lamps, also the LTW010 (also A19) lamps are showing the same behaviour but the LTW013 (GU10) are reported correctly.

Removing the lamps from zigbee network and readding them does not resolve the problem.

Note: seems to be related to the 2.25.0 release, running 2.24.2 resolved the problem, guess the latest docker tags includes the betas too, so I’m running the stable tag now.

Has anyone addressed the problem or has it even been recognized as a bug?
I’m back to version 2.24.2 so everything works fine again.

Bugs are collected and reported on GitHub :slight_smile: