Lower update frequency of some aqara temp/humi sensors after deconz update

after an update from the “old” deconz docker repo (https://github.com/marthoc/docker-deconz) to the current version I noticed a difference in the update rate of some of my Aqara Temp/Humi sensors. With the old Version, they updated at least once an hour, while with the new versions, they only update with large temperature changes. If the climate is not changing much, the last update of the sensor can easily be 10 hours old.

This problem only occurs with the (old?) round sensors without pressure measurement:

You can see the difference in the following charts:
before update

after update

A downgrade to version 2.13.04 brings back the old update frequency. But that is not a long term solution.

Can anyone help?


It seem you are not alone https://github.com/dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin/issues/6276

Thanks for the link!