Loss of function - Tuya AM43 Blind Drive Motor

I have two of these device sin the same room close to a powered Zigbee socket. Some days both will work, other days / time only one works (and it can be either) or neither work.
I have tried re-pairing on numerous occasions with no difference.
When I upgraded deCONZ to v2.22.1 this morning, both worked straight away. By this evening only one of them was working.
Both still showed connection to deCONZ.
Both work without issue when the buttons on the devices are used to control them.
Is this an issue with my system and if yes, what may I do to overcome it?
Am using ConBeeII with Homeseer HS4 Pro. on a Windows 11 PC.

Yes I do recognize the hair pulling frustration to get technology to work and keep working especially if it is supposed to be “assistant” stress off loading… :upside_down_face:

May i kindly refer you to a possible solution.

This article is about the “biting” -or- peace full coexistence of WiFi and Zigbee, both operating in the 2.4GHz band. It was not until I had a carefull technical planning talk about this subject with my equally smart home junky neighbor that both our Zigbee connection maintaining problems were solved. Part of the problem was fixed Zigbee channels (either 11,15,20 -or- 25 for most Zigbee stuff) susceptibility for WiFi side band interference and the auto frequency hopping in modern wifi routers to the least occupied bands.

This feature does NOT take into account Zigbee transmissions in my observations.

It was not until we both settled fixed in our WiFi routers for the opposite side of the WiFi channels band and with Zigbee channels fixed outside each respective WiFi channels side bands that most of our connection problems were solved. Multiple Zigbee devices with router function in the neighborhood of end stations provides also improved multiple path connection reliability in my experience especially in heavy 2,4GHz WiFi signal environment.

Hope this may help.

Many thanks for your suggestion - appreciated. On 2.4Ghz, I currently have my main router on channel 1, my mesh nodes on channel 11 and Zigbee on channel 15. This is about the best separation I can give them.
My house is far enough away from neighbours that while I might be able to see their WiFi with a search app, any signal is far too weak to connect with…
Looks like I may have to live with the frustrations…
Thanks again.

With due respect take another look at the linked page pictures again. Channel numbering and frequencies of Zigbee and WiFi are NOT the same. If you use WiFi channel 1 that means that Zigbee channel 11 and 15 are both in your WiFi channel 1 sideband. Easist solution is to fix your Wifi 2.4GHz on WiFi channel 11, as to leave Zigbee 11 and 15 completely free and not having to re-pair all your Zigbee devices when changing Zigbee fixed channels.

Many thanks for pointing out my error - appreciated. Router is now on channel 11 and I hope that will stop some of the issues.
Thanks again.

As an update, devices seem to have improved stability since I moved the Wi-Fi 2.4GHz to channel 11. I did try to change the ZigBee channel to 11, but several of the devices did not want to pair automatically even after a 24 hour wait so it is now back on 15.
Everything now appears to work, so will leave this as is unless I have any more issues.
Thanks again for your help - appreciated - especially if I can stop tearing my hair out!!

Zigbee pairing can be “tiresome” if the distance between the coordinator (Deconz stick) is relatively large. Especially if the routing is passing through other Zigbee stuff with router function is my observation. Personally I try to pair (new) Zigbee stuff as close as physical possible to the coordinator. That usually works best.

Lot’s of Zigbee devices are limited to channel 11,15,20 or 25. In your case ZigBee channel 15 will still be far enough away from WiFi channel 11 to suffer from sideband jamming. Hope your blinds will keep on dancing =:). If not, the only other option is to check if the blinds have more than only one way to get to the coordinator. And if not place additional Zigbee stuff with router function.

My next project will be Zigbee automatic curtains, not blinds, any advice on this is welcome. Especially since I am planning multiple 45 deg angles in the tracks and I doubt if their is a system that can handle that reliably.

So far channel 15 seems to be good and looking at the deCONZ screen, many more of the links are now shown as green = strong. I do have mains powered Zigbee sockets in the same room as the blinds so they show as part of a mesh.

I have no experience of curtain motors so am unable to help you there - 45° angles sounds like quite a challenge - good luck.

Thanks again for your help.