Losing particular lights on constant basis

pastebin, logfile

Hi! I recently switched to Conbee2, but I’ve been having some trouble with several of my Hue lights losing connection. I’ve tried changing zigbee channels and adding an extender to the area, but the issue persists. I’ve also noticed that that lights do work when i send commands to the group they’re in but not individually, which is strange.

The biggest issue seem to lie with the strip (/16), which is also visible in the logs. Making a group with just this lamp allows me to control it.

My area is 65m2, and I have many wireless devices in my home, including Bluetooth audio receivers, BT speakers, laptops, wireless RF headphones, and more. I had zero issues when I was using the Hue Bridge. I also need both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz Wifi enabled. The distance between te conbee2 and the devices is maybe 8 meters at the longest point.

I’ve reached out for help over discord, it was suggested that I share some logs to help diagnose the issue.

@de_employees can you help out?

Sounds like you are one of those who also have this kind of problem.
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What’s the status here? @de_employees @Mimiix

DE needs to check in. I don’t have any.

Time to switch to a different platform i guess.

@de_employees good job :slight_smile:

I have contacted him by PN.

Why not in the open?

Because we have posted the same question catalog that I sent to the customer here x times before. Connection problems are very common lately and we can track it better internally if the customer contacts us by mail. I may not be able to fix the problem, but I can put pressure where it can be solved.