Light sensor not responding in 2.13.3 in "Hybrid mode

Good finds, the DDF for the Xiaomi light sensor was added in very early tests and might have issues, which is also the reason it isn’t enabled in the default configuration with “gold” status. I put it on the test list to see whats going on.

@Manup: Thanks for the confirmation. Could this be a generic DDF issue that explains the deconz unresponsiveness I am seeing whenever I try to use a DDF for TS011F Tuya Smart Plugs as well? When I leave out DDF completely, deconz is running fine as usual. But as soon as I add a DDF, I immediately get this “slowness” issue.
BTW: When this happens I notice that in Docker on my NAS, RAM usage keeps going up. Normally deconz container usage on my NAS is about 2% CPU and <200MB for weeks, but when DDF the issue occurs, memory usage keeps gradually increasing to about 1.5GB (in an hour) and the container will stop.

A RAM increase is expected but 1.5GB is way too much, there is something seriously wrong, I haven’t seen this in my setup yet but will check my other machines and networks. Note later on once we can get rid of more C++ legacy cruft deCONZ should run way faster with much less memory, there are so many places which needs to be optimized, ideally on a PI 3 the CPU should max at 3%.

I don’t think it’s a generic DDF issue as these are local to a device, unfortunately I haven’t made comprehensive tests with Tuya devices yet (on the plan) .

So you do not think using a (maybe misconfigured) DDF could cause an issue like this due to a bug in DDF processing/handling maybe (unresponsiveness)? Asking because I saw it this with both the Xiaomi Lumi sensor and Tuya Plugs…

One question: is the specific DDF part only involved during pairing of a device, or does it also affect data processing flow afterwards?

Either way: it would be great to see some of the devs test & verify these DDF files to see first-hand if there are any issues or not! :slight_smile:

The issue with the Mi light sensor not updating seems to be solved with 2.14 Beta.

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Glad it works again, the related PR should be this: Fix DDF Xiaomi light sensor (GZCGQ01LM) by manup · Pull Request #5722 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

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