Light bulbs not acting as routers

Hi! I’m sort of new to deCONZ and I’m trying to figure something out.

My understanding is that devices connected to power act as Zigbee routers. So, light bulbs, plugs, etc.

I have four Nanoleaf Smarter Ivy bulbs and a Sengled bulb, all properly placed in fixtures, all with power to them at all times. They all show up in deCONZ via my Conbee2, as well as in Phoscon, and from there to Homebridge via Homebridge-Hue.

But none of the five are acting as a router. Which is severely limiting the range of my network and causing items like sensors to drop off the app.

Is there a way to force these devices to act as routers? Am I misinformed about light bulbs being routers? Or is it just a coincidence that the two brands I happen to have aren’t compatible in this way?

Thanks for any thoughts/advice/suggestions!

I like to emphasize this, as I have the same issue. All sensors and switches in my basement are connected directly to the controller in the first floor. I have a couple of lamps in the basement, which do connect to each other but no sensor or switch is connected to the light bulbs etc. This makes the network small and instable.
Any solutions?

Can you show a screenshot of the devices? As far as I know, sengled doesn’t do this. I have no clue why, but they just don’t expose as routers. It’s their implementation of zigbee.

Sure! Do you mean like this:

“Deck Light” is actually an Aqara wall switch, so it’s always connected to power and is acting as a router just fine. The four lights in the lower left are Nanoleafs, and the Sengled is labeled.

Sounds like I might just be out of luck that Sengled doesn’t support it. I bet Nanoleaf doesn’t either. I might need to pick up a couple of smart plugs to place around the house to act as routers.

If I remember correctly the Sengleds (or some of them) are actually non sleeping end-devices and not full routers, you can see more details on this in the Node Info panel:

This is an example for a Router where Device Type shows up as FFD (Full Function Device) where for an non router it is RFD (Reduced Function Device).

Ah, thank you SO MUCH for this tip! Indeed, the Sengled and the Nanoleaf bulbs all show as RFD.

By chance, is there a site somewhere that categorizes devices as to FFD or RFD?

I think these two and some older Climax devices are the only ones out in the wild.
For lights it is very unusual not be routers. As far as I’m aware compatibility lists don’t show this FFD/RFD yet (which would be cool).

Again, thanks so much. I have some Philips Hue bulbs around here somewhere that I may swap in just for the network stability. Really appreciate your help!

The grey nodes are endnodes. Those don’t act as router as they are meant to be battery powered. Sengled and Nanoleaf seem to be exposed as end-nodes (by their firmware). Nothing we can do at this point.