Lidl Smart extension Firmware 70 only one plug available

Hi all,

Something really odd. The LIDL smart Home range is back in stock and I picked up two Smart extensions. One has the firmware 69 and works perfectly, and the other has firmware 70 and when it pairs I get only to control the first socket.

Would it need a code change to get it working?

Many thanks!

The one that works (firmware 69)

The firmware 70 - only one plug shows up…

Probably needs support added. Check the github, there was a issue on it already if I recall correctly.

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I could not find any post, if you can find it please send it so I do not create a duplicate. If not shall I log a bug or new device request?
Many thanks

I think there is none indeed. Rather than filing a bug report, I’d rather have a device request :).

Thank you , I will log a device request. The packs were next to each other in the Lidl pile of smart extensions… :frowning:

It’s tuya doing this really. They change a lot over firmware versions.

funny enough as I am trying to re-pair it now it shows two plugs!!!

I think is the pairing process that has problem… Will retry maybe I am lucky to find all of them!

after few tries I get all the plugs in VNC deconz but cannot find them in phoscon…

found them all in home assistant. It has to do with the default naming so that is why I could not see it in Phoscon…

This has to do with the fact that pairing has issues at times and I have to shut down the raspberry pi and very soon after all is back on line I need to pair the device I need and then works. I hope when the next firmware gets released officially it will address this issue as I see some things in that list might help :slight_smile: Improve network robustness for various devices from Ikea and Osram.

Many thanks for your support and I hope this thread helps others…

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I have 2 smart extensions (69) but manufacturer name is _TZ3000_1obwwnmq.
I have the LIDL bridge. I tried to update to 70 but it says FW is the latest (1.5.0)

they have different names for different regions…If it works well with the conbee 2 stick I would stay away from upgrading the firmware with the LIDL HUB, judging by the issues I had :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, chinese factories don’t know what is a firmware upgrade.