Lidl „ SILVERCREST® 3er-Set Steckdosen Zwischenstecker, »Zigbee Smart Home« mit Energiezähler“ HG08673 no power or consumption found

i already using innr SP 120 Power Adapter with Power and Consumption values over API.
Now i would like to use the Lidl HG08673 for other Devices to get Power and Consumption values.

The API only detect the light device.
No Sensor, no Power and no Consumption.

Is there something to do?


Please check the GitHub and make a device request.

I thing the device is already pushed hg08673. but not released - right?

The device is already supported with a DDF in Silver level for the moment, then may be you have to adjust your deConz level : How to change DDF modes and enable or disable DDF levels · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

It‘s working fine, thx


Is it possible to change DDF level up to „Gold“ on GitHub?

Feel free to do a PR