Legrand cable outlet


Can this issue be merge in the next stable ?

Without this, the cable outlet is not functionnal.

Oups, I have totally forget this issue.
The “WIP” DDF I have put as workaround is working for you ?

I m still in 2.19.3 and discorvered this issue on the jeedom’s community forum. Some members use this workaround whith succes.
I will update my deconz in the next stable version but if this version could have the resolution it ll be great.

Honnestly, I m not able to say if the next one will be a beta or a stable.
I can make the PR today, but if you can’t test it do you have a link from jeedom forum, or something else, in fact I m the only one that have tried the DDF, and I haven’t return on the github issue, so IDK if the DDF is working for other.

Sneak peek: The next will be a stable and published later today. I honestly don’t know if the PR will arrive in time. Please have a look in the changelogs.

I won’t expect it to be included in next stable.

@Smanar you can look here for exemple. I plan to test it in a test environnement this week end if I’ve time.

Yes pls, because using this DDF can’t broke the device, so I realy need to be sure it work too for others.
Since I have made the WIP DDF, you are the first one that return me the issue, so I realy need to be sure.

But you can make a try with the “2.19.3”, if the DDF don’t break the device I think it can be fine for next versions too.

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Ok I test it and works fine for me

K , thx , I make the PR immediatly (but too late for next version)

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Perfect thanks. I keep the ddf in my user folder and wait for the next stable.