Ledvance Lightbulp E14 only works in Webapp

I bought several Ledvance bulbs E14 dimmable SKU 4058075208421. I was able to integrate them into my network without any problems. Via the Phoscon webapp, the bulb can be switched on and off without any problems and can also be dimmed. If I put the on and off on a switch, the change is also perfectly displayed in the webapp but the lamp does not switch. What can I do?

What Informationen i have to provide That Anyone can help me? I don‘t know where I have to beginn.

@de_employees needs to step up. Nothing i can do at this moment.

Can you plesae check if there is a update for your bulbs available.

Are you already running on deCONZ 2.19.2 and firmware 26780700?

I don’t understand what you have done here, you mean you have made a group with the bulb and a switch ?

I can’t find image version 0x003a. So I don’t know if there is an update available for the bulbs. The Bulb is Model B40S TW with Version 02136550.

I am using eCONZ 2.19.2 and firmware 26780700.

I have a light group with one light and in the switch editor I connected a tuya switch. When I click under control light on the bulb symbol the light switches off and on correctly. When I use the tuya switch everything works in the web guide, but the light don’t turns on or off.

Ok so just for information, perhaps nothing to see but there is problem ATM with group Changing group lights has no effect anymore

And I can be wrong, but I m not sure all tuya switch can be used for this use (group feature not enabled), need to check the switch device json.

I downgraded to stable version 2.19.01 and now it works.

Perhpas solved with this PR Fix group membership tasks not executing by manup · Pull Request #6586 · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub