Kobold how to keep state after power-outage?


By default, Kobold goes to full brightness if power-cycled. How can I change the behavior that the last state (on/off & brightness) are remembered?


The setting is not yet available in the Phoscon App but in the deCONZ GUI you can change the behavior in the Cluster Info panel for the On/Off cluster.

Double click on the 0x4003 attribute in the table to open the Attribute Editor dialog, here you can change the value to “Previous”.

Hi @manup, thanks for your reply.

I have already tried this but it does not work. Due to the wrong description of the attribute I wasn’t sure it is what the name suggests.

I set it to “Previous” and hit “write”. Then I turned off the Kobold (the attached light), cut power and turned power on again. I would have expected the light attached to the Kobold to remain turned off since this was the previous state but it goes to full brightness instead…

What am I doing wrong?

I’m running deconz 2.13.04, Conbee I with Firmware 26400500.
The Kobold is fresh from Amazon and shows the following version info in the basic cluster:


Thank you!

I have forwarded the issue internally, looks like there is some missing part. The default on/off values seem to work but the previous state not. We’ll see to check what the issue is and address it in the next OTA update.

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