Kobold dimming speed very high compared to Ikea devices

Hello community

I’m using a Kobold dimmer in a group together with several Ikea TRADFRI bulbs. In the switch editor I’ve configured the round Ikea remote control buttons to switch and also dim up/down scenes.

The dimming speed of the Kobold dimmer is significantly higher than the Ikea Light bulbs which are quite slow. This results in very different dim levels and can not be used in this setup. Even the Kobold alone changes the dim level so fast, that you can’t nearly reach a certain level.

Is there an option to change the dim speed of the Kobold?

Thanks and regards!

Kobold Version 0103.10000026

Ikea Bulbs
TRADFRI bulb E27 WW clear 250lm, Version 2.1.022
TRADFRI bulb E14 WS 470lm, Version 2.1.022

TRÅDFRI Fernbedienung, Version 2.3.014

I have forwarded the question to the development department. Please be patient.