Jung FOH switch doesn't send 'deconz_event' to Home assistant

Hello everyone,

I am using a Jung Friends of Hue switch with the Conbee II usb stick. I have got phoscon/deconz running in the Home Assistant plugin.

Switch: JUNG - Transmitters for Philips Hue Technology

I successfully paired the switch in the phoscon app using this guide.(Technical support)

The switch is fully functional within the Phoscon app, i can assign it to lights and the lights respond to clicking the switch. However HA doesn’t seem to get any ‘deconz_event’ for this switch.

Is there any further configuration I can do to get these events in Home Assistant?

Thanks for any help!

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Do you get any event from other devices in deconz to hass?

Yes, other buttons (xiaomi) do generate a deconz_event

Have your tried both, “finding your Events” and “Device triggers”?:

If you don’t get events for just this specific remote it’s not paired properly I’d say