Issues with Deconz Container Network Configuration and Phoscon IOS App Login


I’m currently running a Deconz container without the network set to ‘host’ mode. Consequently, when I launch the iOS Phoscon app, it displays the gateway with the Docker internal bridge network IP. To address this, I manually search and add the host IP along with the mapped port, resulting in an additional gateway icon with the correct IP.

However, I encounter an issue during the login phase. When attempting to log in, I’m prompted for a password but receive errors stating the password is incorrect. This issue mirrors the behavior I observe when logging out and back into the browser-based Phoscon app. Specifically, I’ve noticed that attempting to log in using the following URL fails:

Whereas, this URL facilitates a successful login:

It appears the difference lies in the ‘login2.html’ versus ‘login.html’ in the URLs.

Unfortunately, on the iOS app, I’m unable to modify the URL to replicate the successful login process.

Does anyone have suggestions or insights on how to resolve this issue? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Strangely, nobody replied to this issue.

I have an issue using the ios Phoscon app. My deconz is running as a docker container exposing 8084:80:

  1. I do a manual search
  2. I enter the deconz host IP
  3. I enter the exported port 8084
  4. Login prompt is displayed (strangely with the docker internal IP)
  5. I enter the valid password
  6. I get a login failed

Does anybody use the Phoscon IOS App in a similar environment?

Trying the same with Chrome on the same iPad, by entering the host-Ipand the exported port succeeds.

@de_employees or @phdelodder / @senilio might be able to help

I have no clue, you @senilio ?

We have identfied the login problem that was caused by some special URLs.
We will upload a new iOS and Android App version this week.

It should also be fixed in the browser based App shipped with deCONZ 2.24.3
That should also work on iOs Safari.

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Yesterday I installed the latest beta 2.25.2.
Tested today morning IOS App and it works now.