Issue with Tuya Door/Window Contact (TS0203)

I just tried to add a Tuya Door/Window Contact to my Setup. The “manufacturername” (_TZ3000_yxqnffam) and “modelid” (TS0203) are included in the “_TZ3000_TS0203_door_sensor.json”-file but the device is not recognized and does not show in the phoscon-App. (I can see the device in the deconz-gui but it doesn’t seem to load the corresponding ddf-file.)

Any advice how to troubleshoot?



What version of deconz are you on?

Gateway Version 2.72.2
Firmware 26780700

27 you mean?

Yeah, sorry. Typo. :slight_smile:

I recommend going back to 2.26.3 and test from there.

There’s some issues loading ddfs in 2.27.x

That worked flawlessly. Thanks a lot!