Is my firmware up to date?

I am working through an issue where my Xiaomi “Mi Window and Door Sensor” is not connecting.

I get exactly the same symptom as in this forum, with the “LUMI” sensor:

So, I am probably being hit by the same issue… will my issue be resolved by the same update when it goes to stable release? Note that the Mi has different MAC/Model/MFR codes - but I assume it has the same firmware attributes / same bugs.

Anyway - I decided to check my versions - I am on the latest deconz (I’m using the HA integration).

However, my Raspbee II firmware version is 26690700

but when I look in the FTP folder, it appears that 26720700 is the latest;O=D

My Phoscon says its up to date.
Am I reading the version numbers wrong? Or is my Raspbee failing to update?

If I reboot the Raspbee II, deCONZ tells me there is a firmware update - then I see logs which imply that deCONZ is attempting to install a CONBEE firmware…???



The firmware and Software are 2 different things. Firmware is on the Raspbee II and software is whats on your Raspberry itself.

First things first, the device you try to pair is supported i think. For that to make sure, we need to see it in deCONZ. Can you show a screenshot in deCONZ for that?

Also, are you using the Raspbee with Homeassistent OS or just raspbian?

Nothing to see with the issue, but he is right, it’s normal deconz try to update a raspbee with a conbee firmware ?

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Hi @Mimiix - here is a screenshot of the failing Mi sensor:

Also, here is a screenshot of a successfully paired sensor of the exact same model (it was paired a few weeks ago)


This could help maybe

Hi @Mimiix Thank you for that link.
I tried the suggestions on that page in order.
The first one (re-reading the descriptors) did not help.
Deleting the node, and re-adding - then opening/closing the sensor while Phoscon was searching, instantly did the trick - the sensor was added and fully functional.

Thank you!

Back to my original post - can you comment on my deconz installation attempting to install a Conbee firmware file on to my Raspbee II module?
Because it looks like there is an update for the Raspbee II, which I am not receiving as a result.
Yes I am running the standard HA for Pi image, so it is HomeassistantOS.


The Firmware update doesn’t work on HA. You need to update on a native OS :slight_smile:

Hello! I am new to deCONZ and I have a similar question!

I am confused as to which repository is deCONZ software/ Conbee firmware / Phoscon App and its release cycles.

I am in the process of switching from Tradfri Gateway to the Conbee II stick running with deCONZ in docker. So I was hit with the Ikea switches bug with their new firmware. I saw that the fix is already prepared and it was merged into master of the Deconz Rest Plugin (

Now where will this fix be released? What part of the stack should I update to deploy it?

Thanks a lot for all the effort going into this ecosystem, I appreciate the support and the community a lot, I could not move beyond basic IKEA setup without all that. I am excited to discover the options deConz will open up for me!

You need to update the deCONZ software. It will be release half december (if im correctly) :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! And that’s the stable release or beta release?
If I am set up with Docker, should I switch to the latest release setup to get the fix as soon as possible in order to continue my migration?

I think at least beta. But i hope a stable will come too.

I never switch as soon as possible unless i really need something :slight_smile: