Iobroker-deconz adapter vs. deconz-gui vs. Phoscon app

I face the following situation with an ConBee II on Raspi:
a) installed the beta repository and now run deconz-gui on my raspi. This shows as version 2.27.4-beta
b) run Phoscon app in the browser which also reports deconz 2.27.4.
c) run iobroker deconz-adapter 1.41 which reports deconz 2.27.2

The problem now is that I seem to require 2.27.4 for deconz/Phoscon app to recognize some sensors I use. Those sensors do show up nicely in the App.

At the same time those sensors do not show up in the adapter at all.

Can someone explain the relationship iobroker-deconz adapter vs. deconz-gui vs. Phoscon app?

Hello, If you have only 1 deconz instance, you probably have a problem on iobroker, probably just need to restart (old value stored), third app get the version number using the API.

I have never see a version issue displayed in Phoscon.

Deconz can run in headless OR in desktop (with GUI) but it’s the same application. Phoscon is just a third app that run in same time than deconz.