Initial discovery of devices for conbee II with homeassistant fails

Hello everybody,
I am new to this forum but need to raise a general question for device discovery.
Although I already searched the forum for similar topics I have found no entry that solves my problem and here it is:

I am using a conbee II stick with the latest version of HomeAssistant (2022.11.0) and the newest firmware. Phoscon and deconz app are cleanly accessible from HA and the stick is also visible without any errors or problems in both apps. I connected the conbee stick via USB 2.0 and with an additional USB cable (like recommended).
But I am not able to discover any Zigbee devices neither via Phoscon App nor via deconz. They just don’t show up.
I tried to connect the following devices (which should be compatible):

  • IKEA Tradfri Control Outlet (E1703)
  • Aqara Sensor WSDCGQ1 1LM (3 different hardware sensors in total)

As already stated out none of the listed devices (yes I have resetted them to factory defaults many times) does show up in phoscon or deconz although from the configuration side everything looks clean.
I have held the devices directly close to the conbee stick to avoid disturbing frequencies from wlan or other sources but that made no difference.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause for that and has a solution?

Thanks in advance


Hello, if you have the GUI, can be usefull to take a look in the log in deconz/help/debug view with flag “error” “error_l2” "info’ and “info_l2” then if there is nothing can add both “aps”.