Ikea Vindstyrka value of TVOC

I see in FC7E that the Max Measured Value for TVOC is 500.
The TVOC Measured Value in Home Assistant has a measure unit in PPB but PPB for TVOC go from 0 to 5500.
Is incorrect in Home Assistant or FC7E can be modified to 5500?

This device doesn’t measure tvoc in PPB but gives an index which maximum is 500.

It’s already documented into HA forum IKEA VINDSTYRKA Zigbee Air quality sensor - #3 by donny007x - Hardware - Home Assistant Community and others

I know value isn’t in PPB but HA recognizes the entity in PPB.
This should be corrected:

I think that you could add a reply about this on PR 7246 that introduced the default measured value in ppb, or open a thread on Discord.