IKEA Vallhorn motion sensor

New to this but I just got hold of a Vallhorn motion sensor from IKEA and tried to add it in the Phoscon app. No luck really.
It will pop up in Deconz but doesn’t seem to connect to anything. Is there any information You would need from me I’ll be glad to provide it but will need some guidance on how to obtain it.

See Request Device Support · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

Hi, finally got the screenshots, I think,
Clusers of the Node, check.
Node Info Panel, check.
Cluster Info Panel, check.
Power configuration, check.
Some extra clusters, no idea if they are needed… check

And the last one that I couldn’t upload as I’m limited as new member.

Can you open a device request on GitHub ?

Done, hope I got it correct, let me know otherwise.

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Does anyone know if the lux reading will update without motion? I’m really desperate for an outdoor brightness sensor

when will Vers. 2.25.02 released. i have a few Vallhorn and i want to use them

schade dachte hier bekommt man kurzfristig eine Info!

Please post in English as we are a English forum.

when will Vers. 2.25.02 released. i have a few Vallhorn and i want to use them

You can copy the DDF to your local DDF folder (e. g. /home/pi/.local/share/dresden-elektronik/deCONZ/devices/ikea)




that sould work (have not yet tested it, too lazy)

For me it doesn’t work.

But i’m also not the Linux expert…

You have to restart deCONZ after adding the files

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Worked for me, both motion sensor and door sensor. Thanks to the developers for doing this so fast. Yes, had to make/copy the files in the right directory, and reboot. Before that the two sensors was “unknown” in deconz when adding. Expect i can delete the temporary DDF files when this is out of beta and new stable is available. But this is great so far. Cheapest door magnet sensor so far, and albeight it is not the smalest, it uses regular AAA batt, not some tiny button cells, so hoping for long battery lifetime. Time will shove…

73 de LA5XOA

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unfortunately it doesn’t work for me either.
First I copied the files into the directory as indicated above and restarted. However, the Ikea sensors were not recognized.

Then I copied them to
/usr/share/deCONZ/devices/ikea and restarted again.
Even then, they were not recognized

I had to reconnect/rebind the sensors. After that it worked