IKEA Tradfri On/Off Switch cannot be configured anymore

The dialog for setting up IKEA Tradfri On/Off Switch does not provide any clickzones in the SVG, like the other SVGs of other devices. Therefore I am not able to select a trigger within the dialog and cannot continue.

deCONZ v2.24.1-beta

I’ve got the same issue.

Got a different issue - but with the same switches…

I can add them, but when added they are somehow connected to all lights in Deconz.

When clicking “on” on a Trådfri switch that is paired in 2.24.x, Deconz shows all lights as on, though they are not really on. The same when clicking “off”. All lights are turned off in Deconz - but they are not really turned off.

I had to revert to 2.23.0 to get them working properly

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Your problem and solution is described here: What you can do when a switch turns (almost) all devices on off · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin Wiki · GitHub

One month passed now. Is any solution in sight?

@de_employees is the only one that can fix it.

I would recommend using hue essentials.

I had this problem as well lately. Press the button on the switch itself, then you can configure it.

And still today this bug exists. I did configure all the other switches earlier, but now I want to add a new one. Both issues happened - it controls all lights and there is no possibility to configure this switch. Or change any other assignments for existing ones if keys are not yet selected.

I have been considering switching over to zigbee2mqtt due to some missing devices in Deconz, but I was hesitant to do that due to the work involved.

If this issue persists for long, I have to do it. I have about ten of these Tradfri on-off switches.

I am running version 2.24.3 (also .2 version has the same issue), Conbee II, and docker environment.

Any hope to get this fixed or should I start building my network from scratch? Better order a new coordinator in any case.

OK, now when I third time readded the device to Deconz I can do what @cs42 instructed. Pressing the button (sometimes multiple times) selects the button (no visual aid though) and allows pressing the submit button.

Same here. Workaround of @cs42 worked imediately.

The bug is fixed in the newest Phoscon App und will be in the next deCONZ release.

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Hi all,

i got the same “Switch Editor” issue on version 2.25.3 running in Docker.
I observed two variants of the issue:

First Variant: An ikea button which i added and configured with the switch editor on a much earlier software version (2 years ago) cannot be reconfigured using the (v2.25.3) switch editor. The editor opens but nothing happens if i click on the switch buttons in the image. It not possible to get the switch editor wizard to next step

Second Variant: On version 2.25.3, i tried to add a new “Philips Hue Wandschalter Modul” but the pairing appeared not to work. The pairing wizard showed no success and the switch was not added to the list of paired switches. However, after restarting the docker container, the switch was listed as paired. When i configured the switch on the device page (not the switch editor) as “Taster/ zwei Wippen” the switch image changed showing a switch with two buttons. However after leaving this page the button config was saved but the image was reverted back to a switch with a single button. The switch editor showed the same single button image of the switch and same as for the ikea button, when i clicked on the displayed button nothing happend.

@ChrisHae will the second variant also be addressed in the fix? and what is the version of that release - 2.26.x ?
Thanks for supporting!

The first issue was already fixed. It is for sure in deCONZ 2.26.1. Delete and re-add the switch (in the switch editor page) if it is not working.

For the Philips in-wall switch we added a new description to the pairing wizzard. It is needed to press a button on the connected switch after the module was reset and the led started to blink.

I can confirm that the the switch first showed only one button at the image however, when I clicked again at the configuration It showed the correct configuration with two buttons.

It took a few seconds until the correct 2 buttons was displayed at the switches devices list. But then it also worked in the switch editor as intended. Perhaps it also helps if you press the buttons a few times.

I think it takes a while until deCONZ recognizes the changed configuration.

I will have a look if I can improve the process in the Phoscon App in one of the next releases.


Is this fixed in v 2.25.3 as well? Reason for asking is that it’s the latest version available as Home Assistant Deconz extension. No reason going through the trouble of re-pairing the devices otherwise.

Hi @ChrisHae i upgraded to version 2.26.3 and can confirm that the switch editor is now working properly. However, the configuration issue related to the Philips in-wall switch buttons still remains.

In more detail: After upgrading, i removed the in-wall switch and paired it again according to the procedure you mentioned above.

First observation: The in-wall switch showed up in the switch list after starting the pairing process, however the wizard did not indicate a successful pairing.

Second obersvation: The text displayed in the in-wall switch configuration page indicated the correct configuration with two buttons, however the image still showed single button switch. After changing the in-wall switch config to a single button switch and back againg to two button switch, the correct image was displayed on the configuration page. However, after leaving the page the image was reverted back to a single button switch (also in the switch editor wizard - thus i am not able to assign a function to the second button). Also, i waited for the image to change to a two button switch as you suggested, but nothing happend.

Any suggestion, what i can try to fix this issue?

What kind of buttons do you have connected to the module? A push button that reverts to its original position after pressing it or a flip switch that keeps the position when you push it?

Have you checked the correct wiring? Perhaps you can share a photograph of it.

I just tried the procedure again and it just worked. after pressing the reset button on the module until the led started to blink I waited 3 to 5 seconds and then pressed a button on the connected switch. After a few seconds the switch was shown as connected.

I have 2 push buttons connected to the module. If you use toggle switches you may have to toggle them a few times.

Hi @ChrisHae,

i also have two push buttons connected to the in-wall switch.

Furhter, I repeated the proceedure you discribed after removing the switch from the network. The result did not change unfortunately. The wizard againg did not finish successfuly but the switch showed up in the list with a single button image.

The push buttons connected to the in-wall switch appear to work, as the entry of the in-wall switch is highlighted in the connected switch list, when i press either one of the push buttons. The foto below shows my setup.

Is that switch a new buy? Can you share the api information from the Phoscon App Sidemenu → Help → API Information? Perhaps the switch has the new model id RDM004. And perhaps the code is not yet in the deCONZ version. If thats the case then pairing the switch with the Android or iOS Phoscon App should work as it has the newest app code for sure.

Hi @ChrisHae, yes its a new buy and yes its the RDM004. When can i expect that the switch is supported by the web app?

With the next deCONZ beta release. I think it is published soon. Check Releases · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub