Ikea Tradfri on off Switch buttons not working


Trying to move my config from Tradfri Gateway into Phoscon.
Here is what I did:

  1. Added my Ikea lights successfully and paired the Ikea Tradfri On/Off Switch in the Phoscon app
  2. Added the light to the ‘Salon’ group
  3. In the ‘Switch editor’ for Salon I linked my switch and assigned the on/off buttons
  4. At this point I tried to test the switch but it doesnt turn my lights on or off.

What I’m trying to achieve is to have the switch working even if Deconz is unavailable. Am I missing something here?

Thanks for your help


Please check the forum posts as this is a known issue. The new IKEA firmwares broke deconz integration. Version 2.13.3 fixed this.



Hi Mimiix,

I think I have the same issue as Yabolek, started to move my bulbs and remote controls from Tradfri hub to deconz, just to realize that the remote control is not working with the bulbs in the same group when deconz is OFF. In the old app I’ve added the bulbs to the remote control group, but not working when deconz off. I’m using the 2.12.06 and FW 26720700 but I have also installed the latest beta 2.13.03, reset both remote control and bulbs, added to deconz and configured the group in old app and it’s not working.

Otherwise, when deconz is on and running, all is working fine in 2.12.06 and beta 2.13.03., the Tradfri remote control (FW 2.3.080) is visible in deconz and phoscon app (old and new), sending events to bulbs and can control the bulbs.

Yeah, would love to get it working while deconz is offline. Apparently Ikea removed groups in the latest firmware, but my lights that are still on Tradfri Gateway still work independently with the switches.

Need to test the scenario where I pair bulbs and switch to Deconz, and then pair the switch manually to the bulbs by holding the reset button next to it. Hoping it will stay paired to the deconz and the switch.

This got removed from the Ikea Firmware. This is out of our hands.