Ikea Tradfri ON/OFF Model E1743 stopped connecting and now can't pair

Posted this incorrectly as a bug and they kindly sent me here. Can anyone offer any help. This button worked great for over a year and have been super happy with it. THanks

Describe the bug

Using the HA add on, deconz has been working great! Have one Ikea on/off switch that suddenly stopped functioning. It was ‘greyed’ out in the Phoscon UI. In the deconz application, the device was there, but had no connections to any others. I have another Ikea on/off switch which is still working.

I restarted multiple times and finally ‘deleted’ the switch to try an pair it, but now I can’t add it at all. I hit the “pair” button on the switch 4 times and the red LED blinks 4 times, but deconz fails to make a connection.

Steps to reproduce the behavior

Don’t know how one could reproduce. It has been solid for about a year, then was not functional about 7 days ago and has remained that way.

Expected behavior

I expected to be able to re-pair the device after removing it.


Link to logs screenshot


  • Host system: Raspberry Pi 4
  • Running method: Home Assistent deCONZ Add-on
  • Firmware version: 26660700
  • deCONZ version: 2.12.06 / 8/19/2021
  • Device: ConBee II
  • Do you use an USB extension cable: yes
  • Is there any other USB or serial devices connected to the host system? If so: Which? One Nortek HUSBZB-1 only using Z-wave and one samsung NVME 256GB drive (which hassos runs off of).

deCONZ Logs

The ‘copy’ button on the debug logs doesn’t seem to be working (multiple browsers on windows 10). If needed I can try to get them some other way?

Additional context

Thank you very much for any help. I have an aquara switch that has never really worked correctly, but the Ikea ones were solid. Would be great to get this working again as I plan to buy several more. Thanks again!

Newest firmware broke the ON/off. (as i mentioned before).

Check when the new stable is out if it works again.

Thanks Mimiix. Sorry it took so long to reply, but I didn’t update any firmware so I shelved these buttons until now. What seemed to be the solution was to replace the battery. They were reporting 70% before they stopped working and the leds when pairing seemed to be fine…but I guess not. Just wanted to post this for anyone else. Probably a good beginners troubleshooting tip; check and/or replace the battery first!

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Embarrasing, but it fixed also my issue. Battery gave only 3.00V. Thanks a lot @Nogg for your update.