Ikea TradFri don't show up anymore

I have a so-long working setup:
Version 2.22.02 / 19.9.2022
Firmware 26720700
with a ConBee II

I have several sensors and lights (different vendors) in it. Sometimes, my kids flip the lightswitches just for fun and the Tradfri factory reset. So long, I just removed the old entries in Phoscon and paired them again and put the to the right groups.

This time, I did the very same: The Tradfri flash like they got paired, but they don’t show up, neither in Phoscon, nor in deConz. I also tried this with some other spare switches, but nothing seems to appear any more, although the paring on link level seems to be done. Also, nothing appears in the API. What can be the reason for this? Restart,… tried of course.

Ha you are perhaps not alone.
Do you have access to the GUI ? If yes can you take a look on node, if they have a real name or something like 0xXXXX ?

Hello Smanar,

yes, I have access, but it simply does not show up. That’s why I also have tested it int the API… Unfortunately nothing, also the amount of known devices decreases when deleting and reading, just like nothing happens…

Can you share some logs while pairing?

Yep can be probably just a problem to add new device (connexions issue for exemple)

Unlikely, since the make the “pairing blinking”.

I can be wrong, but in my mind it just mean the bulb make the “pairing” procedure, not it’s working, I think you will have same result with the conbee off line.

Sorry for the late reply, schedule is tight before Christmas :wink:
@Smanar: I ment the “Pairing OK” blinking, sorry for the confusion…

I managed to “pair” another -previously known, then resetted and deleted- device (SilverCrest SmartButton from Lidl) - it later took the place (number) of an old Ikea Smart button. I tried the trick with another Lidl Smartbutton over the webinterface, I got an “OK” here (from web and blinking of the sensor), but no sensor appeared, neither on the Webinterface nor on the App. I also recorded a log for the second sensor, but I cannot really see anything useful there when I look for “join”. Is this the right keyword?

On the app It can be a software issue.
But not normal you can’t see it on the deconz application too, I think somes logs can be usefull, at least with both “error” and both “info” to start.

OK, here are the logs:

I anonymized the node Names, so there may be a mismatch…

What I also saw: When starting, in Deconz, there are 45 nodes, but it decreases after a few minutes to 44 and then to 43. But I don’t see any node disapperaing on the overview…

I made a second Log when pairing from the program, not the website:

I had to strip a little bit to keep the 512kb limit

So you have set the “inclusion mode” just during 20 s ?
The only “new device” I m seing in this delay is a sensor 0x2C1165FFFE99B59D but it was re-included (already present)
21:09:03:891 0x78BF nwk changed to 0xAE83

And the device is not an ikea one but tuya

21:09:03:896 DeviceAnnce of SensorNode: 0x2C1165FFFE99B59D [1]
21:09:03:898 nwk address changed 0x78BF → 0xAE83 [2]
21:09:03:900 DEV Tick.Join: event/device.anounce
21:09:03:902 DEV Tick: fast poll 0x2C1165FFFE99B59D, mac capabilities: 0x80
21:09:03:903 Websocket send message: {“attr”:{“id”:“9”,“lastannounced”:“2023-12-18T20:09:03Z”,“lastseen”:“2023-12-18T20:09Z”,“manufacturername”:“_TZ3000_rco1yzb1”,“modelid”:“TS004F”,“name”:“U Arbeitsplatz”,“swversion”:“1.0.7”,“type”:“ZHASwitch”,“uniqueid”:“2c:11:65:ff:fe:99:b5:9d-01-1000”},“e”:“changed”,“id”:“9”,“r”:“sensors”,“t”:“event”,“uniqueid”:“2c:11:65:ff:fe:99:b5:9d-01-1000”} (ret = 353)

Your device is 0x84BA20FFFE9960E3 ?