Ikea Styrbar Remote stops sending event 2002 (and sometimes also 1002) after a while


I am currently using a Raspberry PI3 with a Conbee II stick connected, running as a headless server to connect some (mainly Ikea) Zigbee components to my FHEM automation server also running on the same device.

I have already added a lot of devices succesfully, but since I have go myself a Ikea Styrbar remote control, I have the following problem: Actually, this device has four buttons and sends events of type x002 for short press, x001 for beginning of longpress and x003 for end of longpress.

I have noticed that the arrow-buttons work flawlessly on the remote (300x and 400x events), but that the short presses for the dimmer buttons, and there especially the dimmer down button (event 2002) stop working after some time. What does that mean exactly? When that happens, I am still able to get events 2001 and 2003 from the remote, but short presses (2002) are not generated or received anymore. No matter how often I try, only the longpress events are processed, not the short presses. When this happens, either only event 2002 is affected, or 1002 also (but no always).

After restarting the Gateway from the deConz Webapp, everything works fine again.

Question is: why does that happen, and what might be causing this? Any ideas? Thank you very much!

As there’s already a bug report, i suggest continueing there.