Ikea PRAKTLYSING cant be added to Phoscon

Hello guys,

I am trying to add my 2 Ikea Praktlysing Blinds to the Phoson App, but I can’t find them.
I am using the Conbee 2 with the newest firmware ( 26780700 ) and a Raspberry 3b. I am using a usb renewal for the conbee.
I’ve changed the channels of the conbee, but still finds nothing.

But the deconz-gui finds 2 devices? Well, I dont know how to use this - but maybe you know how to do this?


Seems to be not supported. Please open a GitHub issue with the required screenshots.

Kind regards,

I’ve found something on github, a ddf file for the praktlysing.

the problem is, when I open it, save it and hot reload it and restart the gui, Its gone and back to default.

whats does this means? Is the file corrupted or whats wrong?

Yes, there was a problem in the DDF, have just updated the PR, can try with the new one.

You just need to put it in the “devices” folder, and restart deconz, it will be choosed automatically else there is a folder problem.

I can’t open the new ddf file in deconz-gui

My bad, have made a typo inside, I have received the mail, but to late to correct it.

The one on the PR is now working for sure.