Ikea Fyrtur not controlable through Phoscon and does not report status through rest API

Since 2 or 3 months my Ikea Fyrtur stopped reporting its current state to Home Assistant and is no longer contralable through the Phoscon Interface.
The following parts are still working:

  • Sending a close command through home assistant
  • Sending a stop command through home assistant
  • Sending a open command through home assistant
  • Closing to a specified amount using the Set position service in home assistant

What does not work:

  • Controlling it through phoscon in any way
  • Displaying the current opening rate in phoscon. Always 100% open.
  • Displaying the current opening rate in home assistant. Always 100% open.

This appeared after I had to recouple the fyrtur, but I tried several times to recouple it again and it did not get better.
My Gateway is version 2.17.01 and a Conbee II with Firmware 26780700. I have installed deCONZ installed through apt on raspberry Pi OS bullseye. Firmware on the Fyrtur is 2.48 build 472625 (0x23073631).

Do you need further information from me or is there something I can try to fix it?

Can be closed.
Restarting deCONZ and HA multiple times did not help, but restarting the raspi fixed the problem.