Ikea Fyrtur - no position updates


Phoscon Gateway Version : 2.14.01 / 6.2.2022Firmware
Firmeware : 26720700
Conbee II

yesterday i added our new IKEA fYTUR to deconz (Homeassistant), its visible as light. with this values

its added in Homeassistant without any problems, BUT the actuall posiiton of the Bind is not updated, when i set it for example to 80% the bind says its still on 100%.

in tried to look in phoscon and go under “window covering” when i there press “read” the correct values are pulled and send to Homeassistant, but only when i press read.
before the values for the position are always wrong.

how can i get the values from self updated when the position is changing?

no one?

there are many of thread with this problem, iam not the only one, its a deconz bug, when i press read he refreshes the state of the position.

what must i do to get here a answer from a developer or someone who as the knowledge to help?

Your post is just 4 hours old :sweat_smile:

thats correct :blush:
there i was a litte impatient

I’ll grab the Ikea Kadrilj for testing this week (I think it’s similar to Fyrtur).

The Kadrilj already has a DDF, but still at Bronze status, which has proper polling/reporting config support, we can derive the one for Fyrtur from it and bring them to Gold status.

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okay, can you explain me what a DDF is?
that mean it needs a DDF to works correct?

can I help you?


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okay but when i can help easy say it.

Since I’m facing issues with fytur and tredansen as well it would be great if you let us now once we can test the DFF :slight_smile:

any progress here?


okay i give up, i get the original Ikea Gateway and it works now without problems in Homeassistant.
its time for the Conbee II to leave…

@pimp1310 you have to remove the battery for 10 seconds and put it back after pairing. Worked for me every time (I have 3 of them)