Ikea FYRTUR "bri" and "lift"

According to the docs “bri” is deprecated for Window covering device. The latest release v2.22.2 removed “bri” for the FYRTUR devices. They still exist in my Ubisys J1 devices.

Is this a bug? This kills functionality in third party apps like Hue Essentials or FHEM.

I have ever see this problem with FHEM long time ago, but if I m right this third app is now able to use “lift” no ?
Or you have problem because you still have both on the light entry ?

The IKEA ones don’t have both. Only „lift“. The unisys ones have bri and lift.

I am ok with this if that was by design. Just wanted to ask if this is a bug or not :slight_smile:

No it’s not a bug.
Some device have recent DDF with “bri” removed (and for all new device added), some other are still using native code, or mixed DDF (old version), so can have both.

It’s easy to edit the DDF to have both too if you need them, but you ill have the issue again later for other devices.

The last time I have see this problem, the user have created an issue on the FHEM forum too, so in my mind this problem was already solved ?

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No, the maintainer of the FHEM module did not respond yet.

For me it’s not a big problem. My automations are so simple I just moved em to HomeKit with Homebridge. One person on the FHEM forum did a deCONZ downgrade to get “bri” back.