IKEA Fyrtur blinds not showing up in Phoscon

First of all: I use a RaspBee II on an RPi4 in a HassOS / Home Assistant installation, up to here everything works - except for the Fyrtur blinds

I am also aware of the git issue “DDF for Ikea Fyrtur roller blind #6110” and that the new, correct DDF has been added to version 2.21.0.
The Phoscon app via Home Assistant is version 2.21.2, so I should be able to connect and control the blind without any problems.

However, when I try to pair the Fyrtur blind (as a light) I don’t see any device. In the deCONZ App/Rest API I only get a device with the name “battery” or something similar. Of course, I also tried to pair the range extender that came with the Fyrtur blind first, which worked perfectly. The result with the roller blind itself remains the same.

On the Discord server, Mimiix said to me today that the DDF might not have loaded properly. How can I make sure it loads properly?
Or is there possibly another solution?

If any further information is needed, let me know.

Moved to deconz general support and notified the devs.

A question; is it showing in Home assistant?

We just got a Fyrtur delivered, only had Kadrilj so far for testing, I’ll do some comparison tests next week. I think they should work the same but the DDFs are quite different.

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No, it’s not showing in Home Assistant. After I try to pair the blinds, only device that is showing up is this “battery” thing in rest api.

Can you share with us the “battery” thing in rest api please ?

of course, what do you need to know in detail?

The result of GET /api/<apikey>/sensors/<id> for that battery sensor for instance.

Ok, did a fresh re-pair, because I made a factory reset for the fyrtur blinds so I can use it with the delivered extender and remote.

How can I get this information you mentioned?

btw: after the last pairing I got a new device in Home Assistant, also called “Battery 5” but it only shows the battery status of the fyrtur blind, I think (it shows 50%, but the battery was fully loaded yesterday). It has no other controls available.

Then, it seems that it was paired correctly, recognized by DeConz as a “Window covering device” and certainly a battery sensor was created (that’s why it’s so called “battery 5”).

You told that you get a “battery” thing in REST-API then I just wanted to know what is displayed from REST-API , what you’re showing is DeCONZ, not REST-API (Introduction - deCONZ REST-API)

okay, that was my fault then. I thought deCONZ is the rest-api, as I described it on another place with “a chart with modules/device that are connected via a drawn line” nobody said it’s not the rest api, so I thought my guess is correct and didn’t know it better :smiley:

Ok then, when it’s paired “correctly”, why I don’t get any controls over the blind or do I need to setup anything else?
I mean, I paired it as described in many how to’s (range extender as light in phoscon app and then the blind as light in phoscon app, after that both should be showing up in phoscon app, but just the range extender is there).

Phoscon is also based on REST-API but as closed software. That’s why I asked for what rest-api is displaying. That way we try to see where is the trouble (if there is one).

You can get it first using Phoscon (Help/API information)

Ok, so in Phoscon I can’t get any API Information about that “battery” device, because it isn’t shown there. The api information only shows the range extender.

Can I get those api information via deconz app also?

After selecting the “Battery 5” device, the “Basic Cluster”, in the “Clsuter info” can you click on “read” button and after that Ctrl+E and “preview” tab ?

You have take a look in “sensor” and “light” section, because like have said @BabaIsYou is the name is changed in deconz, it mean the device is reconised somewhere in the API.

You can too check if DDF are enabled and if your device use it, in deconz / help / debug view, can just enable flag “DDF” to test and re-include the device, the flag “info” can be usefull too.
The last @BabaIsYou procedure can show you the DDF used by your device too.

Battery 5 is now Battery 6 - did again a factory reset to make the blind work again, it’s a WAF thing :smiley:

After pressing the READ Button

“Preview” Tab in the Edit DDF Window (I hope you can read everything)

In light section I only have the range extender thing that came with the fyrtur blind.

But in the Sensor section it shows the “Battery 6”

There is something strange on the DDF displayed en the preview tab.
It’s the one from the disk, and not an autogenerated one, because the status is gold and it have a path, but this one is incomplete, the good one is deconz-rest-plugin/devices/ikea/fyrtur_block-out_roller_blind.json at master · dresden-elektronik/deconz-rest-plugin · GitHub

The path is not good (the good one is devices/ikea/… ), I think you have an old DDF file you need to remove on your disk.

But how can I access it? I installed deconz/phoscon/etc. as an integration for home assistant. I did nothing by hand or edited something.

should I delete/reinstall that deconz home assistant integration? fortunately I have nothing important paired with my RaspBee atm.
Could this clear things up for me?