IKEA FYRTUR Blind Open/Close Switch Full Support in Phoscon

Full Support for IKEA FYRTUR Blind Open & Close Switch in Phoscon?

So whilst its possible its possible to pair all Fyrtur accessories - Blind, Extender and Switch to Phoscon via a Conbee II it doesn’t seem possible to “bind” the open/close switch to the blind or assign actions to it? I can see the switch correctly in the ‘Connected Switches Screen’ but it not visible as switch in the ‘Link Switch’ screen as an available switch (and therefore allocate any actions to it).
Therefore are there any plans to fully support this functionality in phoscon?

thanks in advance

Moved to phoscon feature requests.

Support is not in Phoscon but it works via REST API. When pairing the open/close switch a group is created (invisible in Phoscon). Just add the Blind „light“ resource to the same group and everything works as expected

thanks for your swift response. Unfortunately I am not a developer, well not in this century anyway and sadly do not have the time either, so is there any other alternatives? many thanks

I used the iOS app „hue essentials“ (‎Hue Essentials im App Store). It lists all groups, even those which are invisible in Phoscon. It’s pretty easy to add a „light“ / blind to a group there. I guess there are other apps which can do the same

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I think it should work via old webapp / Wireless Light Control, too.

  1. In Phoscon go to “Hilfe” (Help?)

  2. Click on “Wireless Light Control öffnen (2016)”

  3. Click on “Groups”, look for a group that has an icon that looks like this (there should be no “delete”-Button):


AFAIR the default name is something like “OPEN/CLOSE BUTTON”. If you have multiple switches just try one and confirm it works or not

  1. Click on “Edit Members”

  2. Add your “light” / Blind:

Thank you - I will have a go when I get back home and provide an update on due course .Much appreciated