IKEA Floalt/TRÅDFRI: Colour temperature and button control does not work

Hello Phoscon Team,

This problem has been going around the GIT repo and this forum since 2019, but there seems to be no solution. I am having problems controlling IKEA lamps reasonably with my ConBee II. I am currently trying the setup with two IKEA Floalt ceiling panels and a TRÅDFRI remote control (5 button remote). The colour temperature for the two Floalt ceiling panels can be set and saved in Phoscon (Group created → Lamps added → Scene created), but is then reset to a different value by a Scene change (whether TRÅDFRI remote or on the Home Assistant Dashboard). Specifically, I can set the lamps between 2200 K and 4000 K. If I save a scene with 4000 K as the colour temperature, however, the scene is then reset to a colour temperature of approx. 3200 K when I select it. It looks like the maximum range for the colour temperature only allows 1000 K (2200-3200). I can manually set the group to 4000 K in the Phoscon app, but I can’t get this value to be saved permanently.

Furthermore, the colour temperature cannot be controlled via TRÅDFRI remote. I manage to move towards “warm light” but never towards “cold light”.
I have many IKEA lamps in my home and I am a bit disappointed that this problem has existed for years and no proper solution is provided. IKEA is not an exotic supplier now and I am considering returning my ConBee II as I can only control IKEA lamps inadequately.
Is there perhaps a way to customise the configuration file for the group directly at file level? Then I could take a look at the values and understand what is going wrong here when saving.

Here is my Home Assistant version:
Home Assistant 2023.10.5
Supervisor 2023.10.1
Operating System 11.1
Frontend 20231005.0 - latest

ConBee II
Version: 2.22.02 / 19.9.2022
Firmware: 26720700

Current version: 6.22.0

I am running HA on:
Raspberry Pi 4