IKEA extenders aren't seen anymore by Home Assistant

I don’t know from which release the issue began.
I realized that after I performed the following services in HA:

  • deCONZ: Device refresh

  • deCONZ: Remove orphaned entries

My 3 extenders aren’t listed in devices and entities.

It’s not a real problem because they don’t do anything in HA.
I just report that because Robban writes in this forum; Maybe it could be useful for him.

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Thanks! Its probably due to my refactorizations. And these devices as you say don’t really do anything so they are not used in any platform right now.

The purpose to have the visibility of extenders in HA is to check if my wife unplugs them!!!

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I’m not really sure what entity type it would fit with

Previously it was seen as a light.
There was also a switch but useless. I believed it was to activate the repeater or to switch on the USB port.
Negative for both.

It probably became a switch because it didn’t report any feature making it anything beyond a switch “binary state only”

Could you really control USB port or did you deduce that from it being exposed as a switch? Because that is more or less why its no longer exposed, it doesn’t actually provide any value in home assistant

No it didn’t. USB remained ON.
It didn’t control the white LED too.