Ikea 5 Button Switch on 24.4.5; Dimmer on 24.4.6 - group bindings don't work anymore

I updated one of my Ikea 5 Button Switch and one of my Ikea Dimmer (On-Off) to the newest firmware (24.4.5 / 24.4.6). After that the group bindings dont work anymore. The Light Group is created:

  "action": {
    "alert": "none",
    "bri": 127,
    "colormode": "hs",
    "ct": 0,
    "effect": "none",
    "hue": 0,
    "on": false,
    "sat": 127,
    "scene": null,
    "xy": [
  "devicemembership": [
  "etag": "828be3b7f3917f912da33b7a82544184",
  "id": "20004",
  "lights": [
  "name": "FB Büro (Gruppe)",
  "scenes": [],
  "state": {
    "all_on": false,
    "any_on": false
  "type": "LightGroup",
  "uniqueid": "00:0b:57:ff:fe:95:34:36"

but the light does not react to the switch.

I also tried biding the on/off cluster of the switch to group 0x4E24 but that changed nothing.

I bound the on/off, level control and scene cluster directly to the light no (IEEE binding) and it works.

I dont know if Ikea changed something that can be changed in deCONZ/Phoscon, too to make it work again?

Edit: STYRBAR (1.0.024) group binding still works. But has to be done by hand in deCONZ

I remember the devs mentioning it stopped supporting Group bindings in the firmware.

I’ve asked them to checkin.

If that’s the case - stupid question: is it possible to make multiple IEE binds from one cluster to multiple destinations?

Got a response from @ebaauw on the initial request:

See the latest DDFs. I think the old (round) wireless dimmer is the only IKEA controller that still sends group casts (probably because its firmware hasn’t been updated recently). The others accept the binding allright, but don’t send group casts. They should not expose config.group. and no associated group should be created on pairing, but it could be that the legacy code interferes. Not sure about existing resources, you probably need to remove and re-pair the device.

Ah, I just noticed from here

The binding functionallity of this remote varies per firmware version:

below 2.3.075: suppports binding to groups only. It can only be bound to 1 group at a time. By default this remote is bound to the default bind group which you first have to unbind it from. This can be done by sending to zigbee2mqtt/bridge/request/device/unbind payload {“from”: “DEVICE_FRIENDLY_NAME”, “to”: “default_bind_group”}. Wake up the device right before sending the commands by pressing a button on it.

2.3.075 and greater: supports binding to devices only

So its not 24.x but already 2.3.075.

That changes my question to:

  1. Can I read existing bindings in deCONZ?
  2. Can I do bindings to multiple devices?

The 2.3.075 is not a deconz version, but device firmware version.

I know. 24.x is neither a deCONZ version :wink:

This just confirmed what you said: it’s the firmware.

Aah I figured you might mean 2.24.x on deconz.

@manup can you answer the questions on the bindings?

I just updated a TRADFRI open/close remote to firmware 24.4.6 (losing the group bindings) and bound 2 window covering devices to it via IEEE bind. It works without problems. So I guess the 5 button switch supports multiple bindings, too.

As deCONZ does not create groups/group bindings for Ikea switches anymore and you have to do bindings manually via deCONZ bind dropbox there is no drawback updating to the latest firmware anymore.